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JobsNEAR is a fastest growing career site which provides quality employment support services and career development solutions for job seekers India. We offer many cost-effective solutions and recruitment resources for employers seeking to hire qualified indian talents. Our database of candidate resumes are used over thousands of times a day by recruiters from top companies and job seekers from cities like Cochin, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Thrissur, Kottayam, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc across India.

We provide relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to jobseekers according to the designation, job title, salary, experience levels and locations. More than thousands of people have registered in our job portal. To help employers attract top talent and retain employees, we offers a wide range of HR technology solutions and expertise including recruiting campaigns, flexible job posting packages, online resume database, listing of resumes, talent management capabilities and interview scheduling. The job seekers, recruiters, entrepreneur and HR professional can find the right way to success with JobsNEAR. We encourage our clients to identify the career goals, provide programs designed to achieve employment, and offer educational upgrading tools to develop employment options. We provide smarter search options and powerful data about the job market, giving you the information you need to take control of your career.

Why Jobs NEAR?

For a role that an employer wants to entrust a new recruit with, his/her candidature is screened through various decisive factors like Experience, Professionalism, Energy Level, Frequency of Job Switches, Adaptability to Changes & Role Mobility and so on. Thoughtfully prepared resumes do signal these capabilities and traits. However, recruiters find it tough to shortlist right candidates.

Trust Vs Experience

If not these competencies, what makes a perfect employee? Any employer would seek team members who uphold the values and beliefs that the organization follows to achieve the future they envisioned. We realize that it is TRUST on a team member that weighs above all other parameters. Therefore, JobsNEAR has networked with highly regarded individuals in each region who are entitled to certify the job seekers. Short-listing the resumes from a certified list makes the recruitment process quicker and safer for the recruiters.

The Social Cause - Jobs for ALL

Jobs NEAR live with the vision of Jobs for All and further Make Jobs Enjoyable for All. Apart from the regular jobs, CJ platform is envisaged to realize and sustain the career aspirations of individuals who do not want to get bonded to 9 – 5 jobs and employers awaiting engagement with competent individuals on contract. This human capital could be sourced from pools of students, home makers and retired personnel.

Professional Practice

It is unfortunate but true that most of the academic streams do not enable students to be productive at workplace immediately after completion of the prescribed courses. JobsNEAR facilitate professional practice by recommending opportunities with employers. Candidates joining for Professional Practice on contract would qualify for a monthly stipend prescribed by the respective employer and would have the option to get absorbed in to the employer’s payroll on completion of the contract term on mutual agreement.

Opportunities for the Differently Able

JobsNEAR is an advocate of Equal Opportunity Employment and its 60% team members are specially abled. 25% of JobsNEAR’s profit is contributed to the education of children with special needs. We do not persuade for donations for this cause. Nonetheless, we encourage you to be a patron by offering opportunities for the talents in this flock.

Our Story

Jobs NEAR started its operations in 2018. After a few years of hard work and commitment of IT professionals who worked together to make it a success. This Job portal is the result of the dreams and shared vision of experts with 10 to 20 years experience who are the expert developers of Job Sites, Matrimonial Sites, Shopping Sites, Real Estate Sites etc.


Mr. Jilo Jose, Our CEO who started his career when Internet and websites just bloomed in India, is the master brain behind this employment entity. He is the creator of many well-known websites in Kerala. His skills in web development and website designing are tremendous to be noted. Using his knowledge in multiple programming languages like PHP, and Java, he developed highly sophisticated new trend websites with magnificent advanced features in web programming and software development. He is a dynamic personality in software and web development area with a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. As an IT consultant, he provides advices and solutions for development, improvement and maintenance of software owned by the client firms. He is business consultant who provides services by analyzing the existing practices of a company and giving proper advises for the organizational improvements. He provides training in programming languages and other technologies such as like Java, PHP,, Android and SEO for candidates who are in search of jobs and for the employees who are working in various IT firms. He is an expert in conveying solution and a prominent consultant in the fields like real estate, ERP/CRM, matrimonial and job portals.