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Emerging IT companies and other Industrial sectors made a huge impact in the Kerala economy. Every Kerala professionals want to work with the best and the well-known companies in the preferred sectors. Job seekers increased rapidly due to the introduction of IT companies like Technopark, Infopark and Cyberpark, software giants like Infosys, Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services, HCL, UST global, Cognizant etc. Companies hire only the best ability out of all the skilled candidates. In such condition importance of resumes and cover letter will arises. Usually, most of them send their resume to the company directly or through online job portal like Naukri, Indeed etc. The recruiter only gets to know about the academic profile in the resume. So to know more about the companies ask to give cover letter along with the resume. The cover letter gives an idea about the passion of the candidate they are going to recruit.

Consider how you will highlight your own particular abilities and utilized the restricted space accessible inside cover letter to share the most critical points of interest of your work history and achievements. The perspectives you highlight in your cover letter ought to reflect points of interest from the expected set of responsibilities, this exhibits you're a solid match for the position. In any cover letter, the first paragraph is utilized to state the position you're applying for, the middle sections give points of interest on why you're a solid match for the position, and the last passage incorporates a thank you and follow-up data.

Here we give some essential tips for writing cover letters for job application in kerala that will help you win the interview. It will step you through the way towards composing a cover letter to send with your resume when applying for a job.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

While setting up an introductory letter, you have given careful consideration to the tenets of composing and to the utilization of fitting words. In any case, you ought to realize that the guidelines of composing an introductory letter somewhat fluctuate for the email and printed copy adaptations. Here we gave the details of a perfect cover letter. It is very useful not only for Kerala job seekers but also for all job seekers.

  • Cover letters are usually no more than one page long
  • Give a detailed information on why you are sending a resume to the company
  • Specifically, mention how you got information about the job vacancy or company
  • Convince the recruiter to study the resume
  • Point out components of your experience
  • Reflect your state of mind
  • Give or refer to any data particularly asked
  • End by saying you look forward to an interview, and that you are willing to provide further information

Cover Letter Examples....

1) Email Cover Letter
2) Hard Copy Cover Letter

When writing an email cover letter:

  • You need a subject line.
  • Begin with greeting.
  • You don't have to put date on the top of the letter.
  • You needn't bother with the recepient's data obstruct on top.
  • Your personal data does not go at the top. It goes underneath your name.
  • You don't have to leave as much space amongst "truly" and your name, since you're not really marking the letter.
  • You don't have to incorporate your home or office address in an email, unless you need or anticipate that the beneficiary will send you a printed version of something.
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When writing a hardcopy cover letter:

  • Begin with your address, telephone number and email address.
  • Put the date.
  • Put the recipient name, title, organization, address.
  • At that point put in the greeting.
  • Toward the end, leave three clear lines amongst "sincerely" and your name so you can include your signature.
  • Alternatively, compose underneath your name in the event that it applies.

Cover letter Types in General

Hard copy vs email cover letter writing

1) Standard Application Letter

This is the kind of cover letter most graduates know about. Application letters are composed of company or hiring manager for a particular employment. Typically they are coordinated at a particular person.

2) Cold Contact Cover Letter

There are a few organizations that give off an impression of being astonishing work environment. However, in the event that you look worksheets it can show up they are not enlisting for a position that matches your aptitudes. You have two options. You can either hold up until a position opens, or you can send a frosty contact introductory letter (alongside a resume) asking for thought for a vacant position that meets your capabilities. Cold contact letters are an incredible approach to applying to an organization, as opposed to a particular employment.

3) Cover Letters to Recruiters

Recruiters are enlisted by organizations to discover individuals that will best suit their requirements. When you send your resume to a selection representative, you ought to compose a cover letter that clarifies the sort of parts you have fit the bill to fit and how your abilities will convert into accomplishment for an organization.

4) Referral Cover Letters

If you have companions, family, or expert colleagues that have prescribed you work with them at their organization, you will profit by a referral cover letter. Referral cover letters are cover letters sent to organizations before work has opened. These cover letters specify the representative that prescribed you apply to the organization and the sort of work you can do.

5) Network Cover Letters

Organize cover letters are the inverse of referral introductory letters. As opposed to sending your resume to an organization that a worker suggested, you sending a resume and cover letter to an associate and expectation that they prescribe you to the organization.

For more details on types of cover letter please visit:

Cover Letter Format


The subject of your mail should include your name the job title you are applying for. For example-Android Developer


Use professional greetings. Use Respected Hiring Manager.


Your body of the mail need not be long but it does need to attract the reader's attention. The primary aim of the cover letter isn't always for saying your resume is connected, however also getting a job interview.

Write two or three paragraphs, carefully matching your qualifications to the activity requirements. How closer you, the better your probabilities of having selected for an interview.


Close your message with a professional ultimate like truly or regards.


Your signature is in which you will include all your touch records.

Cover Letter Sample.....

MG Road, Ravipuram, Kochi-682016
Kerala, India

The Manager (Designation)
Excel, Infopark, Kochi
Kerala, India

Subject: Mohit-Software developer position advertised on

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mohit, right now seeking after my B-Tech in computer engineering. As I am in the search of finding the correct job, I found that your organization and discover it the perfect place as I will have the extent of being a piece of the specialized group, where I can execute my computer related information, which is my region of intrigue.

I have been a dynamic individual of the academic project and have a down to earth learning amid this venture residency. I have likewise gone to an Industrial Training program at technopark Kochi, where we learned about android and PHP.

It's a great privilege for me as a part of this reputed company, where I can use my abilities, information and ability. This would be the correct open door and I emphatically trust that if given a chance I will substantiate myself and add to the development and achievement of the association.



Cover Letter for Job Application in Kerala

The below following websites give information about cover letters sent with a resume to apply for a job. Use these websites as a guideline when writing your own job application cover letters in kerala.

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