Tips to Handle Employee Complaints

By the introduction of Kinfra Hi-tech Park, Smart City, Smart Village, tech parks like Info Park, Techno Park and Cyber Park etc in Kerala, Our God's own country had an enormous effect on the economy and business rate. Tourism and conventional businesses have likewise contributed vigorously to the economy of Kerala. Ernakulam, Trivandrum, and Kozhikode are the principle urban areas in Kerala with more openings for work. The people from various parts of India are settling here for work and the number of the employed people here are increasing day by day. So maintaining a healthy working culture depends upon how the employers or high-level representatives in an organization deals with their subordinates or employees.

A grievance is defined as a complaint by an employee about which his/her employer has to take a step to solve the issue that the employee is facing in the working environment. In a company located in Kerala, the employer should update about employee and what their needs are, that is, if they have any complaints or grievances that they want to discuss with the employer and the company. As a business owner, it is your job to make sure that everyone can communicate their concerns in a productive manner. It may also improve the employee-employer relationship and employee retention in an organization.

What Causes Employee Conflict in the Workplace?

  • Lack of planning
  • Difference in Personalities
  • Misunderstandings
  • Stress, frustration and burnout
  • Competition
  • Harassment in workplace
  • Accidental Mistakes
  • Inappropriate selection of staff
  • Different Values
  • Poor communication

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The Positive and Negative Impact of Conflict

  • Decrease in Productivity
  • Poor relationships
  • Improve Future Communication
  • Mental health Concerns
  • Sabotage
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Share And Respect Opinions
  • Litigation
  • Workplace violence and bullying
  • Absenteeism or presenteeism
  • Resignation, quitting or exit of an employee
  • Identify New Members
  • Customer loss and impact on sales

There are a number of important steps that you can use to deal with the conflicts in the workplace.

Easy Steps for Handling Staff Conflicts

1) Set up a System

Create a system for staffs to convey their complaints or grievances so they can be addressed. Include the regulations and policy in your company's employee handbook. These regulation and policy will become a part of the company's culture if the workers follow it properly for a while. If your method for receiving complaints is a box or other medium, make sure it is in a central location and is easily accessible to all staffs in the company.

2) Categorize Complaints

Once you've set up the perfect system to get complaints and have decided how regularly you will address them, you'll have to set about classifying them and figuring out which issues should be solved first. You can divide the complaints into three. They are

  • Absurd Management Policies
  • On the off chance that workers feel that a specific approach is out of line or absurd, they will need their worries tended to. Such strategies can incorporate those identifying with additional time control consistency or a crevice underway measures.

  • Working Conditions and Safety
  • These incorporate any objection or grievance that specifically addresses the representatives' workplace. These can incorporate everything from risky conditions to apathetic supervisors.

  • Infringement of Rules and Policies
  • These can identify with any authoritative standards that representatives feel are being damaged by different specialists and additionally centre or senior administration.

    3) When an Employee Approaches to Complain

    When an issue starts to happen in the working environment, it may affect the work progress and the mental strength of each employee. The below points will tell you how to react when an employee comes to you with a complaint.

    • Talk to them and let them speak
    • Be friendly
    • Be honest and sincere
    • Treat every complaint seriously and calmly

    4) Addressing Complaints

    Once you've labelled your proceedings, you'll want to order them based totally on importance. Any hazardous operating situations or other safety issues need to be addressed straight away, as should violations of policies and guidelines.

    5) Understand their Problem and Respond

    When handling an employee complaint, you need to become an active listener.

    • Listen to the facts: who, what, when and where.
    • Don't get distracted by thinking about the consequences and be optimistic while handling the problem.
    • Have a good conversation with the complainant and let them share theirs complain.
    • Clarify what you heard while talking, and be sure not to second-guess the complainant.
    • Once you've got the idea, close this conversation properly in a good manner.
    • Be sure to thank the person for coming forward, it will put the employee at ease.
    • Let them know that they did the right thing in coming forward to complain.

    6) Find a Person to Handle the Complaint

    If a staff comes to the workplace in a miserable condition, they expect that some person can listen attentively as they vent out what has been erring them. Listening is a workmanship, and a good employer or best manager communicate with his/her employee. When handling a complaint be careful about the following measures.

    • Assign employee or department to manage and handle the employee complaints and grievance. Commonly, Human Resources Department or Human resource associate is responsible for tackling conflicts.
    • In some companies, they eliminate employees if they complain and it may direct to more problems. So to avoid more problems and complexity, the representatives should need to be guaranteed that they are presenting their grievances in certainty.
    • When an issue happens, call the best person right then and set up a meeting time or ask that person to join the ongoing meeting. Be sure that you've taken appropriate steps to resolve the complaint and you are on the right path.

    7) Solving the Problem

    If you are using complaint box or any other medium, let the employee know that the complaint has been received and that it will be addressed by the organisation. Steps in solving a problem :

    • You do not need to immediately provide a solution, but you want employees to know they are being heard.
    • Investigate about the issue by gathering information regarding the grievance.
    • If the employee listed specific incidences, gather any relevant data regarding it.
    • After gathering all the information and examining the situation, decide and conclude a solution.
    • You may discuss with your senior members of your organisation or even with your employees to get a solution.
    • After a decision has been made, act according to a particular plan to make the problem solving little easier.
    • The sooner you can resolve the issues, the better you make your company with ease.

    8) Review the Outcomes

    Image of an organised workplace

    After listening and implementing the solution, it's a good move to review the situation that initially created the issue. It may help to prevent a repeat of the situation and you will get a proper image about the problem and solution. By this, maintenance of discipline and control over the quitting employees can be done easily in a working environment. If the initial complaint wasn't confidential, it might be a good idea to ask the employee who complained is satisfied with the outcome. Make adjustments if necessary while solving problems.

    How to Handle Staff Conflicts in Kerala

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