Selection Process in Kerala

Recruitment (Selection or Hiring) process plays an important role in recruiting the right candidate. The word "hiring" means providing employment to a candidate by offering wages. There is a mere difference in the Recruitment process and Selection process. The recruitment process has a wide coverage as it collects the applications of interested candidates, whereas the selection process concentrates on the scope and becomes specific in selecting the suitable candidates. Hiring professionals have an important role in the establishment of a company. The hiring of a candidate to job positions depends upon the kind of selection techniques which are using. The hired employee's knowledge and skills should suits the job profile and his personality should adapt the working environment and culture of the organization. So the recruiter should take the correct and perfect decision in hiring an employee. Finalising the hiring should be based on the results of multiple selection methods(exclude using only one selection method). The combination of two or more techniques helps to assess the knowledge, skills, and qualities of the candidates. If a company decide to use particular selection techniques in an interview, they have to inform all the candidates who are interested, by providing notice. This will help them in interview preparations.

Selection process for SI, Police, Civil, Postal, PSC and DTPC posts

Kerala Public Service Commission or KPSC

Due to the increase in a number of government sectors, the Government of Kerala is giving a lot of opportunities to the aspirants who are trying to get government jobs such as SI, Police officers, lecturers or teachers, Civil, Postal, PSC and DTPC posts. Kerala Public Service Commission or KPSC created by the Constitution of India is a body for recruiting candidates to various services in Kerala.

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Placement Agencies in Kerala

  • In this government job portal, the job seekers can create their own account to apply for the available jobs.
  • Applicants can check mode detail regarding the PSC Kerala like Eligibility, Pay Scale, Selection Process and etc.
  • For recruiting suitable candidates those who have capability and potential to work in Kerala Government Sectors, it releases Kerala PSC Recruitment Notifications regularly via their official website "".
  • Recruitment notifications will be sent periodically by State Government of Kerala for all types of job seeker as a message into their KPSC account or mobile number or email id.
  • It is to fill all the available vacancies in various Departments.
  • Candidates can also get the all kinds of latest updates regarding Government Jobs by checking it in KPSC official website.
  • The eligible candidates who are interested can check and apply for the suitable government jobs before the last date of submission.

Kerala PSC Application Procedure

  • Visit official website ""
  • Click on the One-time Registration Login to enter
  • Login if you are already a user otherwise click New Registration for creating new account
  • For new registration, you will have to upload your photo with name and date of photo taken on it and your signature
  • Enter Permanent and Communication Address
  • Enter your personal and educational information, Email Id and Mobile Number
  • After Registration Details and User ID will send to your registered Mobile
  • Candidates should remember User ID and Password for Future reference
  • Apply for the government jobs which suits your criteria.

Steps in Hiring Employee

Steps in Hiring Process of an Employee

A selection procedure or process leads to the scientific selection of candidates. The criteria used for selecting the candidate for a particular job varies from company to company such as the number of steps or levels, the length of each level, types of levels etc. Getting the most suitable candidates depends upon the various tests and types of interview take place during the hiring process. The selection process should be systematic and should not leave any doubts about the finalised and selected candidate.

For a Malayali job seeker, getting a job is not an easy process. So, he/she should analyze company and job details before applying for a job in Kerala. The below steps will help the job seeker to know about the selection procedure and the employer to conduct employee selection process.

Step 1: Preliminary interview

1) Advertise employment position:

Advertise the job position and other details in the newspaper (Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhoomi, The Hindu etc...), media (TV. channels, radio etc...) and social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). Employment post advertisements are posted in job searching sites like Naukri, Monsterindia, and etc... To access the resumes of the most qualified candidate for your job vacancy, an effective advertisement for job openings is necessary. With the help of careful assessment of available options, the most effective means for finding the right candidates for the position can be determined. A job post ad contains

  • Location
  • Job title
  • Experience
  • Salary
  • Job profile or summary
  • Summary of the role's responsibilities
  • Knowledge and skills requirement
  • Job requirement
  • Job type
  • Interview date and venue address
  • Required education regarding job profile
  • How to apply for the role (online application/phone call/email)
  • Why the candidate would be interested in the role - Reason
  • Required details to include in their application (e.g. cover letter, resume and references)
  • When applications close or cut-off date for receiving applications

Be clear and highlight the capabilities and experience required for the work.

2) Inviting applications:

Inviting applications is the first step in a preliminary interview in which the candidates who are interested in the job posting will send resume via post or email. The candidates such as job seekers, experienced professionals, students etc from inside or outside the organization can apply for the post. Elaborated job description and specification can be provided within the advertisement to attract candidates from various areas.

3) Receiving applications:

Applications are collected from the candidates (via as a post, email or from job searching sites) which contain the personal, educational and qualification details of an individual. These applications can be used to analyze and to compare the candidates. The recruiters or employers can easily access the resumes of the applied candidate located in the online resume database of job search sites.

4) Scrutiny of applications:

The applications of the candidates are received by the companies undergoes scrutiny. The purpose of scrutiny is to eliminate unqualified candidates, that is, it enables the HR specialists to eliminate unqualified candidates based on information given in their application form.

Step 2: Selection Test

Candidates who pass the preliminary interview are called for tests by the companies or government sectors. Normally, ability test, practical test, general knowledge test and perception test etc are administered by the companies. Selection tests help to assess the ability of candidates to perform specific tasks and is also called as 'work sample' tests. These types of tests are used to reproduce tasks or situations which are job-related to assess if the candidate has the experience or qualifications, skills and knowledge so he/she can apply while working.

Step 3: Psychological tests

Psychological tests are conducted to measure the quality and skill of a candidate. It is a popular way for recruiters to interview and hire the candidates who are suitable for the potential jobs. This test is used during the hiring process and to monitor the suitability and skills of current working employees while working in the coming days. Different types of psychological tests are the aptitude test, intelligence test, synthetic test and personality test.

Purpose and benefits of Psychological tests

  • To determine the ability of an employee to work under stressful conditions
  • To assess the potential of an employee to handle the job effectively under
  • To lower the risk of a company being sued
  • To reduce the number of problem employees
  • To help a company hire more suitable employees
  • To reduce high employee turnover

Step 4: Interview

Next step, Interview is a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate the applicant's acceptability. It is considered to be excellent selection method. It is a face-to-face exchange of view, ideas and opinion between candidates and interviewers. Basically, an interview is nothing but an oral examination of candidates.

1) Written tests and Oral Test:

The final list of interview participants is prepared once the scrutiny of applications completed. The candidate who is on the final list has to take a test called written test. A written test or practical test is conducted by the Commission for recruitment to post or a service. This test is for understanding the attitude, technical data and interest of the candidates. This method helps to determine the skill and knowledge of a candidate and how he/she express their ideas.

2) Personal interview:

The candidates are evaluated by asking many questions about their experience on another job, their interests, their family background etc. They have to prove themselves successful while in this interview. The interview can be taken may be by a single person or a panel of members. It involves senior executives from the organization. The participants have to describe their knowledge about and expectations from this job. The interviewer can easily determine and note down the strength and weakness of each candidate thus to make the selection process easy.

Step 5: Reference check

Many employers request names, personal and educational details, addresses and telephone numbers of references for the verification purpose information. It is to access background information of the applicant for future use. References are usually checked until a candidate has successfully completed the four stage of a selection process. In most of the interviews, the company representatives ask references from the candidate. The reference check is a type of cross-checking in which the information given by the candidate in their application form is thoroughly checked by the interviewer during the interviews.

Step 6: Medical and Physical examination

Medical and Physical Examination in Selection Process

After the decision of selecting the candidate has done, the candidate is required to undergo a physical examination. Even if the candidate did a good performance in tests and interviews, he/she can be rejected on the basis of their deficiencies in health. The results of the medical fitness test are filed and are preserved in the personnel records. Job offer is only given after the medical and physical examinations

Purpose and benefits of Medical and Physical examination

  • To detect if an individual carries any infectious disease
  • Determine if the applied candidate is physically fit enough to perform the work
  • Determine whether there are any physical abilities, which differentiate successful and less successful candidates
  • Medical check-up protects applicants with health defects from undertaking work that could harm them or might otherwise put the employer's and his/her property in risk.
  • Will protect the employer from workers compensation claims that are not valid

Step 7: Job offer

The next and last step in the selection process is the job offer to those applicants who have crossed all levels. A suitable job is given to the candidate who succeeded in all levels. They will train and teach the candidate to get the whole idea about the nature of the job. They will be able to get adjusted to the job and perform well in future with all capacities and strengths. Job offer is made through a letter of appointed or appointment letter. The letter contains a date by which the appointee must report on duty. The candidate must be given reasonable time for reporting.

More about Selection Process in Kerala

We have provided a list of websites which might help you to know more about the selection process and how it is conducted. It will help the Malayalee job seekers applying for SI, Police, B Tech, Civil, PSC, Postal and DTPC job vacancies to face job the interviews wisely as Kerala Public Service Commission(KPSC) conduct exams and interviews to determine the ability and skills of candidates. Also for employers or higher level executives of an organization to conduct interviews more efficiently. The information regarding the recruitment process of tech giants and MNCs like Infosys, Google, Apple etc.. and the Kerala-based company called Poornam Infovision located in Kakkanad can be found in the links given below. The list also contains interview study guide and strategies or techniques used in the hiring process in various sectors.

For more details, visit:
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