Easy Tips to Retain Employees

Every employer's nightmare is losing one of his or her best employees out of the blue. Immediately, you have various difficulties to handle. Not exclusively do you need to replace a new employee with such a gifted and talented ex-employee. Employee retention really matters while doing a business in India. Losing a key representative with top ability will profoundly influence an organization located in cities like Cochin or Trivandrum or even Calicut in Kerala, in addition to organizational issues such as training time and investment, lost knowledge, insecure coworkers and a costly candidate search aside. Nowadays, as skilled professionals are in high demand, this departure will have an impact on the rest of your other staffs. At whatever point somebody exits the organization, people might notice, and some will begin thinking about whether they ought to follow suit. Creating effective employee retention strategies is one of the most important jobs of a manager or an employer. Hiring employees is only a beginning to making a solid workforce. You have to keep them by providing certain facilities and rewards. Make your top specialists glad, generally, another organization will take and take them away which will bring about high representative turnover which will impact the entrepreneur's and organization's opportunity and profitability.

What is Employee retention?

Employee retention is the ability to retain currently working employees of an organization. Employee retention alludes to the different arrangements and practices which let the representatives stick to an organization for a more extended time frame. Every organization contributes time and cash to prepare new employee, make him a corporate-ready material and carry him at standard with the current representatives.

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  • Hire selectively the right employees
  • Create the right culture
  • Re-balance the workload
  • Provide guidance
  • Maintain positive environment
  • Offer training
  • Maintain discipline in office
  • Offer benefits
  • Offer potential for advancement
  • Pay well or more
  • Don't punish competence
  • Offer competitive benefits
  • Be more flexible
  • Handle your employee kindly
  • Encourage friendly employee relationships
  • Trust your employees with responsibility

Employee Turnover?

Employee turnover is a measurement which determines the working duration of employees stay with your company and how often you have to replace them. It can also be defined as the rate at which employees leave jobs in a company and are replaced by new employees. Here are some steps and tips that will help you make sure your employees will be with you and your organization for many years. Try these strategies to retain your employees.

How to Reduce Staff Turnover

1) Make employee comfortable in workplace

  • Provide your employee with the working environment which allows them to feel secure and safe while working there.
  • Let them know that they have their own well identity in the company.
  • Get their inputs, encourage them to set their own goals in work life and give them advises which will helps them to change themselves to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Establish a set of values as the basis for working culture such as attitude, respect, honesty, excellence, and teamwork.
  • A company with right working culture will attract and keep good employees for a long time.

2) Help them in their growth and let them learn more

  • Give your employee challenging and stimulating tasks to handle, that will help them to become motivative and independent in work.
  • Try to know their passion which will help them to focus on their time and energy on projects by enjoying it.
  • Convey information about career development plans the company has for them and what advantages, increments and promotions they might get while working in your company.
  • An organization should provide the basic facilities they might need such as workshops, software, or other tools that might help them to increase their understanding of themselves and what they want for the enhancement of their careers to reach the goal.

3) Recognise and reward good work

  • To retain your employee's talent, you have to appreciate, respect and let them know their worthwhile working in your company.
  • When employees feel unappreciated and undervalued, they will try for another job.
  • They should know their contributions are important to the business.
  • Your praise and feedback must be sincere.
  • Conducting contests and providing incentives to employees help them to stay motivated and feeling rewarded. It will make them stick to your organization.

4) Create open communication between employees and management

Hold regular meetings in which employees can offer ideas and ask questions. Have an open-door policy that encourages employees to speak frankly with their managers without fear of repercussion.

5) Offer competitive benefits package for employees

Providing health insurance, a retirement savings plan and life insurance is basic in holding representatives. In some cases, such as flextime or strategic scheduling and the option of telecommuting, the company should go far to show representatives that they will accommodate the employee's outside lives.

6) Training

Provide tuition to employees for improving their knowledge and skills by continuous education classes. Training employees reinforce their sense of value. Training helps employees to achieve their new set of goals and ensure that they have a complete image of their job requirements.

7) Provide honest and open work-environment.

Give them feedback regarding their work they performed and listen to them, that is, have concern for your employees. Be open, let them open up and listen to new ideas. Accept suggestions from them while problem-solving. Be available and open when your employee asks for your advises and guidance.

8) Build credibility by communication

  • Maintaining connection between employers and organization's goals.
  • It is a way to keep them mentally and emotionally tied to your organization.
  • Communicate with your employee, it will help in the growth of a good relationship between employee and employer.
  • Employees should know that the employer is really listening to them and will acknowledge employee input.

9) Fire employee who doesn't fit for the role

  • Cut employees who don't suit the company or the work when necessary.
  • Once in a while, when you take the counsel, you get a worker who regardless of what they attempt to do simply doesn't fit.
  • Also, regardless of how viable they may be at their genuine work, a representative who is a terrible fit is awful for your organization, and that makes "culture obligation".
  • They will accomplish more harm than great by harming the well of your organization. Cut them free.

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