E-learning in Kerala

The role of technology in the educational field is expanding at a marvelous rate and has reformed traditional types of educational learning forms. Diverse sorts of mechanical devices have been produced to take into account the different foundations, what's more, requests of learners of advanced education. One of the vital innovative developments is e-learning which might be depicted as the utilization of Internet and computers to help to instruct and learning. Last past decade if anyone wants to study any course they have to go that particular location and study it. People from rural area especially in Kerala and semi-urban found difficult to go. So they have to stay there for a long time to complete the courses. Now everything changes with the emergence of E-learning portals.

There are a couple of issues with the conventional educational system in Kerala. As an issue of first significance, you need to pay an incredible cash for each term to go to a prestigious school in Kerala and also India. With each one of those number, involved classrooms, and course insufficiencies, you won't for the most part discover the chance to ponder correctly what you require. In Kerala, former Minister for Education P.K. Abdu Rabb was said, the government will dispatch an e-learning portal for enhancing the standard of instruction in schools. Advantages of E-Learning :

  • The new online interface, which can help students to effectively download school lessons easily.
  • It's no big surprise why a large number of students from Kerala as well as India decided on online degree projects or take no less than one school course through an online stage.
  • Web-based learning must be the best upheaval in a contemporary educational system.
  • It rolled out a tremendous improvement in the framework and opened incredible open doors for everybody who needs to learn something.

E-learning in Kerala

  • As a major aspect of the dispatch of its e-learning portal, Keltron will offer free fundamental computer training through online.
  • To enlist, visit Keltron's e-learning site www.kelearn.com.
  • Enrollment for the program is open till June 10) Free preparing is offered just for the initial 100 registrants. The preparation will be conveyed on the web.
  • Keltron likewise offers professional diploma, MS Office 2007 preparing, rudimentary English language structure preparing, communication skill improvement training, and other job oriented preparing programs through KeLearn.
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Similarly, media aggregate in Kerala, Mathrubhumi Group has joined forces with Logical Steps to develop Silverbullet, an e-learning portal to provide training for engineering and medical entrance examination. The portal will help students crack JEE Main, NEET, Kerala Engineering etc. Their course content is based on NCERT syllabus. Several types of e-Learning portals are also available in Kerala. Some of them are listed below.

  • keralaprimaryeducation.org
  • dhsekerala.gov.in
  • www.kelearn.com
  • silverbullet.in
  • www.topperlearning.com

5 Features of E-Learning Websites

1) Quality content

As a matter of first importance, present-day learners are charmed by getting top quality training without spending the whole of cash required for the educational cost for Ivy League colleges. In this way, it does not shock anyone that Open Yale Courses would draw in numerous learners eager to gain from Yale teachers on more than 30 subjects.

2) Quick user integration and seamless way to pay for courses

  • Giving important substance implies getting more users, yet another prerequisite should be met keeping in mind the end goal to keep up a smooth running educational site.
  • The procedure of enrollment and installment should be as speedy and simple as conceivable so as not to make pointless deferrals in the conveyance of substance which could demoralize potential users from applying.

3) Motivational Triggers

  • Once a critical rundown of enlisted learners is gained, additional steps must be taken to give nonstop inspiration and a feeling of advance which is a component found on each best in class web-based learning stage.
  • The way to accomplish this is to make important and enhanced tests to take after every lesson in order to give understudies a feeling of finish and assessment of their work.

4) Personal approach

  • With regards to e-learning study, it is basically critical to maintaining a strategic distance from the generic quality that is regularly credited to this learning strategy.
  • Subsequently, web-based learning sites are building the putting stock in association with clients by making and showing instructors' profiles, offering planned one-on-one sessions with guides etc.
  • Above all, making interpersonal organization of their own to empower organizing among students and different users of their substance.

5) Diversity

A completely useful web-based learning site offers an assortment of extraordinary free and paid substance. It likewise urges learners to accomplish progressively and to effectively coordinate with teachers and associates in the meantime giving simple and proficient access to courses.

Working of Free / Paid Elearning Sites

Working of Top free/paid E-Learning sites in kerala, India
  • The first search on YouTube many websites like NPTEL sponsored by IIT have video tutorial on YouTube
  • Particular course not available on YouTube or other similar website searches for the online portal providing these course
  • Normally we have to register with E-Learning portal
  • Some E-learning portal provides free courses and paid course like eduCBA
  • For the free course, we can access the course directly
  • For the paid course we have to pay the subscription fee
  • Subscription Available for Quarterly, half year, year, lifetime based on subscription amount
  • Many websites like eduCBA provide lifetime subscription for 1700 variety of course at affordable rate.
  • Much Online E-learning portals like EDX Courses providing course different top universities like University of California etc.

Advantages of E-learning

  • You can learn whatever you want
  • Comfort
  • Online courses look great on a resume
  • Self-paced learning
  • Lower costs
  • Scalable
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Faster
  • Updated easily
  • Easily managed
  • Increased retention

E-learning Platforms

Here are some e-learning stages that are giving innovation, advancement and adapting all at a similar place for different sections.

1) Function Space: Community for Math, Physics and Computer Science Lovers
Age group: above 15 years
Launched Year: 2013
Profile: Students, Faculties

2) Excellere: Experience the world of real life projects
Age group: above 17 years
Launched Year: 2012
Profile: Developers, Programmers, IT student

3) Examify: Use of crowd-sourcing to generate intelligence around competitive exams
Age group: above 15 years
Launched year: 2012
Profile: Students preparing for IIT-JEE, Faculties

4) Rainmaker: India's first benchmark test for practicing Law
Age group: Above 17 years
Launched year: 2011
Profile: Lawyers, Law firms, Law students

5) Meritination: One place destination for primary and secondary education
Age group: 4 to 17 years
Launched year: 2009
Profile: Primary and secondary class students

6) Edukart: Bringing quality certifications and degrees online Age group: above 17 years
Launched year: 2011
Profile: Undergraduate and graduate students, Working professionals

List of Top Free Learning Portals

list of top free learning portals in India for cbse, MBA, engineering students

  • Khan Academy:http://www.khanacademy.org/
  • Topperlearning:http://www.topperlearning.com/
  • Silverbullet:www.silverbullet.in#sthash.FnmtGTWn.dpuf
  • Keltron:http://kelearn.com/
  • Tata Interactive Systems:www.tatainteractive.com
  • Courses:http://www.coursera.org/
  • W3 Schools:http://www.w3schools.com/
  • Codecademy:http://www.codecademy.com
  • Ask IITians:Ask IITians
  • Tutor:http://www.tutor.com/
  • Open Yale Courses:http://oyc.yale.edu/
  • edX:ht://www.edx.org/
  • Apna Course:ttp://www.apnacourse.com
  • Investoo:http://www.investoo.com/
  • Money Week:http://moneyweek.com/video-tutorial/

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